Breaking News!

The Train Has Left the Station...
We're excited to share that construction is underway! To keep everyone safe, part of the west hallway leading into the auditorium is now blocked off. But don't worry! Watch this video and we'll show you where you need to go. Thanks in advance for your patience and support during this exciting time for our church! If you have any questions, please contact the office at (269) 657-6500.

Village Grants Final Approval!

Great news! We received unanimous approval from the Village Council for our overall site plan and once we submit a few minor revisions required on the drawings, we will receive our building permit. This was our last procedural “hurdle” to being able to press forward on construction. The Village Council was very complimentary of both our plans to refresh this cherished building and our continued commitment to serve our community. They wanted to make sure they would all receive an invite to our future open house!

We have already been granted a demolition permit, so our construction manager, Mark Leathead, is coordinating final schedules to begin “creating some dust.” It looks like we may see some of that initial demolition start to happen before the end of the month. In fact, we’re looking for volunteers to help us with a  “moving day” on Sunday, July 23, after church, as we need to clear our things out of the west end of the hallway. Once that work begins, we’ll also need to route our Sunday foot traffic around the front of the building for Splash access, so stayed tuned for instructions on that. Things are moving and getting exciting!

Praise God for his continued blessing and favor on our project!

Waiting for Village Approval

Breaking ground on our project requires plan review and approval from our local zoning and planning boards. The required documents and drawings have all been submitted and we are now just waiting to receive project approval at two public meetings. These have been scheduled for June 26 and July 6. Our project will require some variances from village ordinances, as well as a special use permit due to the many additional community ministries that operate out of our church. Please PRAY that our church continues to find favor with the village and that our requests are all approved without revisions. This will pave the way for us to finally break ground, hopefully even sometime in July!
Next up: Selecting contractors and setting our Guaranteed Maximum Price!

More Room for Ministry Partners!

The Annex is looking spiffy for our ministry partners!

The Annex is looking spiffy for our ministry partners!

Have you noticed the face lift happening to our Annex (that’s the separate building next to our office)? In order to begin construction next month, we needed to relocate some of our ministry partners to a different space and the Annex was the perfect place! So we’ve been doing some minor repairs and painting to make that building more suitable for three of our community partners. Paw Paw Community Education, United Christian Services, and Bethany Services will soon find their home in the Annex. All three partners are excited about their new space and we are excited to see our Annex is being transformed into a “hub” of our community center.


Meet Our Construction Manager!

Mark Leathead of Bauer Construction Group, LLC. 

Mark Leathead of Bauer Construction Group, LLC. 

We are pleased to introduce our construction manager, Mark Leathead, of Bauer Construction Group, LLC. Mark will be the “point man” for our project and is the perfect guy for the job! Mark attends church regularly and has managed several church construction projects (including his own church), so he understands well the many nuances of our type of project. As Construction Manager (“CM”), Mark will vet all subcontractors to ensure they have the necessary credentials, experience, and capabilities for our project. He will also bridge the gap between architects and contractors to make sure things are completed according to all specifications. In addition to his vast experience and many talents, Mark is a calm, insightful and thorough manager, which has already started to pay off in many ways on our project. We are blessed and excited to have Mark leading our project!


Moving Forward

Welcome to the Room for More blog! We'll use this space as a means to share more detailed updates with those of you who have partnered with us in this campaign. 

While there may not seem to be much happening in plain view, many things are happening below the surface, and in the next 90 days, you will begin to see evidence of all the work taking place behind the scenes. 

In March, construction documents were completed. In April, those plans will be sent out for bids. In May, we could select the bids and secure permits. And in June, we could break ground on the construction project. 

That's pretty exciting! It also means, we'll have a lot share with you in the coming weeks. Watch this blog for regular updates. If you have questions, please join us for one of the Q&As we're hosting.