The bathrooms and east balcony stairwell in the auditorium have now been removed to make way for access into our "Family Room" through the North Tower. Next up: we'll be pouring footings for the tower soon so we can start building upward!

We've made alot of progress in just a little over a month! After an initial round of demolition, the focus turned to less visibile, foundational parts of our project. A completely new roof on the main building is nearly complete. Support pads for the columns that will hold up the second floor have been poured. The construction team has started to install temporary bracing so the hallway walls can be taken down next week (you should be able to see this progress through our viewing window soon!).

In addition to the shape of our new Family Room coming into focus, you will start seeing more visible progress on the project. Second-floor window replacement will begin the week of September 18, and excavators will be starting on our new parking lot on October 1! Our construction manager, Mark, says the project is moving along as planned and is on schedule. Thanks for all your prayers and patience!