Great news! We received unanimous approval from the Village Council for our overall site plan and once we submit a few minor revisions required on the drawings, we will receive our building permit. This was our last procedural “hurdle” to being able to press forward on construction. The Village Council was very complimentary of both our plans to refresh this cherished building and our continued commitment to serve our community. They wanted to make sure they would all receive an invite to our future open house!

We have already been granted a demolition permit, so our construction manager, Mark Leathead, is coordinating final schedules to begin “creating some dust.” It looks like we may see some of that initial demolition start to happen before the end of the month. In fact, we’re looking for volunteers to help us with a  “moving day” on Sunday, July 23, after church, as we need to clear our things out of the west end of the hallway. Once that work begins, we’ll also need to route our Sunday foot traffic around the front of the building for Splash access, so stayed tuned for instructions on that. Things are moving and getting exciting!

Praise God for his continued blessing and favor on our project!